The Stars of Locust Ridge

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Published by: Vivid Imagery Publishing
ISBN13: 978-0998655895


The stars are moving over Locust Ridge, Tennessee, in early March 1973. Sixteen-year-old Genevieve Delany witnesses the odd phenomenon in the skies above the one-bedroom house she shares with her mother, Eva. A self-reliant girl often left alone by her workaholic mother, Genevieve starts to question her reality the night she first views the flitting orbs of golden light zipping across the Appalachian heavens. Discovered screaming and alone in the woods between her home and her Uncle John's nearby cabin, the young girl is haunted by a series of unexplainable night terror episodes. What is the cause of the often-violent hazy night encounters? Who are the shadowy and silent mysterious men seen peering out from just beyond the tree line?

The Stars of Locust Ridge captures the journey of one young woman's coming-of-age acceptance of family truths, the extraordinary bond between women, and the unbreakable ties of kinship, both blood and beyond.

Awards & Praise

Eric Hoffer Book Award First Runner-Up (Commercial Fiction)
Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize Short List Finalist
Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist
Eric Hoffer Book Award Montaigne Medal Finalist
Eric Hoffer Book Award da Vinci Eye Finalist
Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist
Literary Titan Book Award

"THE STARS OF LOCUST RIDGE is the thrilling story of Genevieve, a high school student beginning her journey of sexual discovery, while facing unexpected supernatural encounters which hold the key to unlocking deep-rooted family secrets. Author Craig Moody's clean and atmospheric narrative makes it easy for readers to relate to Genevieve, while becoming absorbed in discovering the identity of the enigmatic, strange-looking figures who haunt her."

"The author is a master at misdirecting his readers, opting never to take the obvious route in his narrative, yet giving them enough evidence as to eliminate any shred of doubt in their mind. With strong pacing, crisp dialogue, and repeated surprises, this book reads with snaps and punches of breathtaking imagery and heart-wrenching tragedy."
The US Review of Books, RECOMMENDED by the US Review

“The insular setting of the Appalachian town provides rich material for this atmospheric mystery. The expert pacing will keep readers on edge from start to finish. A suspenseful, pulse-quickening read that combines elements of psychological horror and cryptic folklore.”
Kirkus Reviews

“I could write for days on the treasure that is The Stars of Locust Ridge. Craig Moody, a new author for me, has skyrocketed to the top of my list of favorites. Nothing is more satisfying than trying to outguess yourself as you read, and Craig Moody succeeds in providing readers with just that type of reading experience.”
Literary Titan