About Craig

Craig Moody was born and raised in Pembroke Pines, Florida, a suburban community that edges the beautiful Florida Everglades. Author of the multi-award-winning debut novel The ’49 Indian and multi-award-nominated and winning follow-ups His Name Was Ezra, The Stars of Locust Ridge, and The Gold Rush Girls, Craig currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with his boyfriend, Gable, and twenty-five-year-old cockatiel, Alley.

About The Gold Rush Girls

America is westward bound in 1849; gold is calling from the California earth. Opportunity, wealth, and prosperity await any brave soul daring enough to venture the merciless miles of the California Trail. Or does it?

Sixteen-year-old Meredith, an orphaned housemaid, jumps at the chance to marry Jeremy Brown, a handsome Southerner with dreams of gold dust filling his charming eyes. Meredith’s imagined life of adventure and wedded bliss are quickly destroyed once on the trail with Jeremy.

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Award Wins and Nominations

The Stars of Locust Ridge

TSOLR - 1 - EHBA First Runner-Up Commercial Fiction
TSOLR - 2 - EHBA Grand Prize Short List Finalist
TSOLR - 3 - EHBA Category Finalist
TSOLR - 4 - EHBA Montaigne Medal Finalist
TSOLR - 5 - EHBA da Vinci Eye Finalist
TSOLR - 6 - NGIBA Finalist
Literary Titan Gold Book Award

His Name Was Ezra

HNWE - 1 - NIEA Finalist
Literary Titan Gold Book Award

The '49 Indian

T49I - 2 - NGIBA Winner
T49I - 3 - NIEA Winner
T49I - 4 - IBA Winner
Literary Titan Gold Book Award